Learn everything about structuring a proper diet and functioning of our body.
Nutrition guide by Irina Gebekova
What will you find in the guide?
1. What is proper nutrition, in fact?
2. Diet as a way of life.
3. Correct goal setting and its role.
Section 1
1. Proteins, fats and carbohydrates and their meaning.
2. Fats.
3. Carbohydrates.
4. The main sources of carbohydrates.
5. What are calories and how they differ from PFC.

Section 2
1. Dairy products during weight loss.
2. What kind of milk should you drink?
Section 3
1. Water and other beverages.
2. The need for water.
3. Signs of mild dehydration
Section 4
1. Important to remember.
2. Salt and its meaning.
3. What is dead food?
4. Functional and lively food.
Section 5
1. We are what we absorb.
2. Practice.
3. A 3-Day diet plan.
Section 6
Irina Gebekova
I am the world champion and three-time champion of St. Petersburg in the fitness bikini category. My competitive career started in 2016. During this time, I have won 15 gold titles.

Throughout my competitive and coaching career, besides gaining personal experience and winning medals, I've realized that the highest pleasure and professional implementation for me comes with the opportunity to help people change both physically and emotionally.
Nutrition Guide
108 pages of information about how to establish proper nutrition and not to
drive yourself into depression.

BONUS: A 3-Day diet example.

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